An SS Central America Shipwreck Double Eagle with Pinch MS 61 S $20 circa 1856 No Serif Spiked F

No Serif, Spiked F

A fabulous recent recovery from the Central America shipwreck. This beautiful coin was graded MS 61 (mint state), and certified by PCGS, and is featured together with a pinch of gold dust recovered from the shipwreck site. This coin is popular with type collectors for the No Motto design.
This coin is in mint state condition displaying sharp details and being vibrantly lustrous.
A few light non-obstructive abrasions prevent this coin from being graded higher than its present grade.
The coin comes in a PCGS Ship of Gold box and David Hall signed COA.
This coin was excavated from the SS Central America shipwreck known as ship of gold that sank off the coast of North Carolina on 11 September 1857. It carried gold that valued at $8,000,000 at that time.

The shipwreck site was located and discovered by the Columbus-America Discovery Group of Ohio.

In 2014 a contract was awarded to Odyssey Marine Explorations to conduct archeological recovery and conservation of the shipwreck. This is one of the coins discovered, and in spite of being underwater for almost 150 years, it is in mint state of preservation.

An uncommon, tremendous buying opportunity.


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