A PCGS Gem MS 65 Spiked Shield SSCA 1224



This fabulous coin comes from the 163 years old shipwreck of the SS Central America. It is in rare Gem Mint State MS 65 graded by PCGS and housed in a gold label holder. It was graded during the time when PCGS grading was more stricter, and if this coin were to be graded today, most likely it will be graded MS 66. In either case, a Gem MS 65 coin like our coin is highly desirable, and coins in similar condition were virtually unobtainable prior to the recovery of the SS Central America. The luster and orange gold color is quite mesmerizing on this coin especially when taking into consideration the amount of time this coin was submerged under salt water.

To find a shipwreck treasure is everyone’s dream, and out of the many hundreds of ships that have been lost in the world’s oceans and seas, those few that have been recovered nearly lacked rare coins of significance. The SS Central America went to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean on September 12, 1857. It was carrying with it a king’s ransom in gold coins and ingots. The SS Central America remained undiscovered until the 1980’s, when using historical notes combined with state-of-the-art technology and scientific research the Columbus-America Discovery Group located the ship in over eight thousand feet of water off the coast of North Carolina.

Most of the find consisted of $20 pieces from the San Francisco mint and dated to 1857. Out of over five thousand similar coins recovered, a small number graded GEM MS 65 or better. Our coin is among those few that achieved this high grade making it highly desirable from an investment perspective.

Offered comes with its original presentation box and papers.


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