Rare Engraving with Original Hand Coloring by Pietro Santi Bartoli 

Circa 17th century (1699)
Condition: Excellent condition considering its age (over 300 years). The paper is subtle creamy white.
Size: 13 3/4 x 9 3/4 inches (35 x 24 1/2 cm.), 16 x 15 1/2 inches with frame.
The Garden of Salustii next to the Temple of Susanne 
A large copperplate engraving from 1699 from Romanae Magnitudinis Monumenta. It was produced in Rome by Domenico Rossi and Pietro Santi Bartoli. Domenico was a son of the founder of the most important and active printing press of the 17th century in Rome. Begun in 1633 by his father Giuseppe (1570-1639), the press passed to his brother Giacomo then to Domenico. Today it is known as the Cacografia Nazionale and houses some of the most spectacular antique prints ever made. The engravings in Romanae Magnitudinis Monumenta are by Pietro Santi Bartoli (1635-1700). who adapted Giacomo Lauro’s plates from Antique Urbis Splendor (1637) and engraved 16 new ones. Bartoli studied painting under Poussin until he devoted himself to engraving, becoming one of the most renowned engravers of the antiquities in Rome.


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